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Small changes can make a big difference. Explore our collection of condition resources to learn how to lower your risk of disease, detect problems early, and stay on the right track with your health and overall wellbeing.

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Cervical Cancer Resources

Cervical cancer prevention: save lives with screenings

Cervical cancer is one of the most successfully treatable types of cancer if detected early through regular Pap tests. That is why regular cervical cancer screenings are recommended for women 21 to 65 years old.

Our cervical cancer resources can teach you about early detection and prevention.

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Blood Pressure Resources

Embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle with blood pressure management

We want to help you make healthy decisions so you can live a long, fulfilling life. If you already have hypertension, get regular checkups to manage your blood pressure. Your provider will likely prescribe a treatment plan and advise you on making healthy lifestyle changes. You may also need to take medications. 

The goal of treatment is to reduce your blood pressure enough to avoid more serious problems.

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Living Well Program

Compass Rose Living Well is a free program designed to take away the added stress of managing your health. As a Compass Rose Health Plan member, you get access to dedicated health professionals who can help answer your health questions, meet your health goals and navigate the complexities of the health care system. Plus, you can earn wellness rewards to reduce out-of-pocket costs.

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