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How to Fill a Prescription Overseas

If you are going overseas, it is best to get all of your refills before you leave the U.S. If you need to fill a prescription while traveling, your options depend on where you're traveling.


Getting a Medication Refill Before Traveling

If you think you may run out of your medication while you are traveling, your pharmacy can process an extra refill of medication without the need to contact Optum Rx®. Just ask your pharmacy to 'process the refill as a vacation supply.' If your pharmacy is unable to provide you with this extra refill, have the pharmacy contact Optum Rx for assistance.

If you’re planning to be outside the U.S. for an extended period, you can receive up to a year’s supply of your covered medications. To obtain a year’s supply, ask your doctor to write a prescription for a full year’s supply with no refills.

Have your doctor send the prescription to Optum Rx or a local network retail pharmacy by e-prescribing or fax. 

Your cost would follow the same co-pay structure as your normal fills. Certain controlled medications are not eligible for a full-year fill.

Optum Home Delivery Pharmacy

Members can receive certain covered medications through Optum Home Delivery. Optum Home Delivery can mail prescriptions to U.S.-based addresses and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

Visiting an Overseas Pharmacy

If you obtain your prescriptions through a pharmacy overseas, you are responsible for percentage of the total cost of the medication. Under the High Option Plan you are responsible for 10%, under the Standard Option Plan you are responsible for 30%.

Please note that you may be required to pay the entire cost of the medication up front and then file a claim for reimbursement.

Standard and High Option Plan members can file a claim for reimbursement by completing the overseas claim form and submitting to UMR for reimbursement. Do not use the Optum Rx claim form or submit your overseas claim to Optum Rx.

Get to Know Your Pharmacy Benefits

For information about your prescription drug plan, log in to myCompass or call Optum Rx at (888) 438-9135. You can also explore our plan benefits online.