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How to Obtain Contraceptive Care

Contraceptive Coverage and Benefits

Compass Rose Health Plan members have access to robust benefits for contraceptive care, including birth control.

The Compass Rose Health Plan covers, regardless of your gender identity, at least one form of contraception from each category listed in the Women’s Preventive Services Guidelines at no cost.

To see what is covered, you may use the Optum Rx® Pricing and Coverage tool. You can also find details in Section 5 of our FEHB Plan Brochure.


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Contraceptive Exceptions Process

If the contraception recommended by your provider is not covered under your plan, there is an exceptions process. Your pharmacist or provider may call us at (800) 711-4555 to complete the exception process and obtain the necessary medication-specific documents for an expedited process if needed.

Reimbursement for over the counter (OTC) contraceptives is covered with a valid prescription. To submit a claim, refer to Section 7 of our FEHB Plan Brochure regarding claims for prescription drugs.

Need Help?

For questions about contraceptive services or difficulty accessing contraception coverage or other reproductive health care, please contact us at (866) 368-7227.

Find out more about FEHB contraceptive coverage on OPM’s website. If you have difficulty accessing contraceptive coverage or other reproductive health care, you may contact OPM at