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Tobacco Cessation

Compass Rose Health Plan

Tobacco Cessation Program

The Compass Rose Health Plan offers a FREE Tobacco Cessation Program, provided through UMR, to support its members wishing to quit smoking. Tobacco use is the biggest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the United States.1 Quitting smoking is one of the BEST things you can do to improve your health and the health of those around you. With determination, a positive attitude and a little help, you can do it! UMR's Tobacco Cessation Program is effective in helping participants break the habit and remain tobacco-free.

UMR's certified tobacco cessation specialists use proven behavior-change techniques to support participants in meeting their goals. They serve as partners in the change process and work with each participant to develop a personalized quit plan. They provide you and your covered dependents:

  • Encouragement and accountability
  • Education on the harmful effects of tobacco use
  • Insight into your relationship with tobacco and personal triggers
  • Follow-up support to prevent relapse
  • Counseling sessions in the form of coaching phone calls (up to five per quit attempt)
  • Printed educational material mailed to your home

Note: Coverage is provided for FDA approved prescription and over-the-counter drugs for the treatment of tobacco dependence. All prescriptions, including over-the-counter medications require a written prescription from your physician.

Take the First Step Toward Your Smoke-Free Life

For more information on UMR's Tobacco Cessation Program or to enroll, call (800) 207-7680.

1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.