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Weight Loss (Real Appeal®)

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Achieve your personal weight loss goals with Real Appeal®, a free weight loss program available to eligible* Compass Rose Health Plan members at no additional cost. Real Appeal’s approach is focused on combining simple steps with personalized tools and support.

This simple, online program helps you lose weight by building healthy habits over time. And, based on decades of proven clinical research1, Real Appeal can also help you reduce your risk of developing certain diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Real Appeal members who attend four or more online sessions lose 10 pounds on average. Talk to your health care provider before starting any weight loss program.

Spark Your Transformation

Personalized Support

Real Appeal is tailored to your needs. Their personalized program offers up to a year of ongoing support and focuses on helping you lose weight and live a healthier life.

When you enroll you will receive:

  • A Transformation Coach who leads weekly online group sessions with simple steps on nutrition, exercise and how to break through barriers to reach your goals
  • Online tools to help track your food, activity and weight loss progress — available anytime, anywhere
  • A Success Kit containing food and weight scales, delicious recipes, workout DVDs and more — shipped to your door

Real Appeal is a fun and engaging program that helps you learn simple steps for a healthier life, so you can spark your weight loss transformation.

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How to Get Started with Real Appeal

Real Appeal offers early and evening sessions, so you can participate outside of work hours. For the best experience, access Real Appeal from your personal device. When you enroll, you will need your:

  • Health Plan Member ID Card
  • Height and weight

Note: Please select UMR as your insurance plan. If you have questions regarding this benefit, contact Real Appeal by calling (844) 924-REAL (7325) or emailing Monday through Friday 7AM - 11PM EST.

Enroll in Real Appeal

* Real Appeal is available at no additional cost to Compass Rose Health Plan members, their covered spouses and dependents 18 or over, with a BMI of 23 and higher, subject to eligibility. Members with a BMI of 23 to 29.9 without a qualifying comorbidity (such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure or tobacco use) can participate but are not eligible to receive one-on-one coaching.

1 In the past 20 years, researchers have demonstrated that structured weight-loss and lifestyle-change programs can accomplish three critical employee and population health goals: 1. Improving overall health outcomes for individuals who are overweight and obese but do not yet have prediabetes or diabetes (Jensen, M.D., Ryan, D.H., Donato, K.A. et al, 2014) 2. Reducing the progression to diabetes in those who have prediabetes (Williamson, D.A., Bray, G.A., & Ryan, D.H, 2015) 3. Improving clinical markers for individuals who already have Type 2 diabetes (Espeland, M.A., Glick, H.A., Bertoni, A., et al for the Look AHEAD Research Group, 2014).