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Enroll in the Compass Rose Health Plan

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There are a few times throughout the year when actively working or retired Federal employees can enroll in, change, or cancel their Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) plan.

During Open Season

Each year, OPM holds an FEHB Open Season, which is when all Federal employees and retirees currently enrolled in any FEHB plan have the opportunity to make changes in their coverage.

Open Season typically runs from the second Monday of November through the second Monday of December.

Outside of Open Season

New Federal employees have 60 days from their start date to enroll in an FEHB plan, if eligible.

You may be eligible to make changes outside of Open Season if you experience a qualifying life event such as a change in family status, a move outside of the area covered by your plan and several other circumstances.

Retirees enrolled in the Compass Rose Health Plan and enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B, can enhance their benefits with Compass Rose Medicare Advantage at any time throughout the year. You must remain enrolled in the Compass Rose Health Plan to be eligible for the enhanced level of benefits. Call our dedicated Compass Rose Medicare Advantage line with UnitedHealthcare to enroll at (844) 279-9286, TTY 711, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time, seven days a week.

If you’re already a Compass Rose Health Plan member and happy with your coverage, you don’t have to do anything. Your coverage will automatically carry over each year.

Are You Eligible for the Compass Rose Health Plan?

What you need to enroll

To become a member of the Compass Rose Health Plan you will need to know:

  • The full name of the health plan you would like to participate in. If you wish to enroll in Compass Rose Medicare Advantage, you need to enroll in the High Option Compass Rose Health Plan first.
  • Your password for electronic enrollment systems (if required by your agency).
  • The enrollment codes:
Enrollment codes for Standard and High Option plans.
Enrollment Type Standard Option High Option
Self Only 424 421
Self +1 426 423
Self & Family 425 422
You can quickly compare health plans by using OPM’s Health Plan Comparison tool. When comparing plans, it is important to consider more than just the plan’s premium. You should also compare service areas, out-of-pocket costs — like copayments, deductibles and maximums — and the programs offered to members.

How to enroll

Select your employment status and follow the instructions to enroll in the Compass Rose Health Plan.

If you are actively employed with the Federal government, you may be able to enroll or change plans online using your agency’s preferred method:

Otherwise, you can complete and submit a Health Benefits Election Form (SF 2809) to your Human Resources office. Please do not submit the form anywhere else.

Your enrollment or change in enrollment will become effective on the first day of the first pay period that begins after your employing office receives your enrollment request and that follows a pay period during any part of which you were in pay status. Any changes made during Open Season will be effective the first day of the first full pay period in the following year.

During Open Season you have the following options:

Regular mail must be postmarked no later than the final date of Open Season. When using this option, clearly state your Open Season request. If you are making an enrollment change, be sure to tell OPM you want to enroll in the Compass Rose Health Plan, the type of coverage you want (Self Only, Self +1, or Self & Family) and the corresponding enrollment code. Remember to include your annuity claim number and Social Security Number (SSN) with your request. Visit for more information.

Any changes made during Open Season will be effective January 1 of the following year.

Outside of Open Season you have the following options:

Your enrollment change will take effect on the first day of the month that follows your retirement system's receipt of your enrollment change request.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Compare plans to find the one that works best for you and your family.