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Next time you need to visit the doctor, skip the waiting room with Doctor On Demand. Connect with a board-certified provider face-to-face over live video from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Plus, these convenient virtual visits are available 7 days a week — even when other health care options are closed.

Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with having access to trusted, affordable, medical care readily available whenever you or your covered dependents need it. Next time you are not feeling well, simply access your account and get started with three easy steps:

  1. List your symptoms
  2. Provide your history
  3. Start your visit!

Set up your account now so you are ready the next time you need to request a visit. If you are Medicare primary, be sure to select Medicare as your insurance provider. All other Compass Rose members should select UMR.

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Virtual Visits from Network Providers

In addition to Doctor On Demand, Compass Rose Health Plan members can visit network providers who offer virtual visits.


Learn more about treatment, cost and getting started with Doctor On Demand.

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If you have questions regarding this benefit, contact Doctor On Demand's Customer Support by emailing or calling (800) 997-6196.

Register for Doctor On Demand

Pre-register for Doctor On Demand so you are ready the next time you need to request a visit. Be sure to select the correct insurance provider (UMR or Medicare).

Register for Doctor On Demand

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