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Group Accident Protection

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Plan for the Unexpected

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Accident Protection insurance helps provide coverage for unexpected costs that can accompany an accidental injury — such as loss of limb, sight and/or hearing.

Our Group Accident Protection Plan, underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, is designed to help provide your family with financial peace of mind by helping to fill any financial gaps you or a family member may sustain from injury or death through a covered accident.

Accident Protection Coverage Amounts

Our Accident Protection Plan is available in amounts from $150,000 to $500,000. Monthly rates are as follows:

Monthly rates
Principal Sum Individual Premium Family Premium

























Dependent Coverage Details

Our Accident Protection Plan also offers coverage for your spouse and/or eligible children. Details are as follows:

Dependent coverage details
Covered Dependents Coverage

Spouse and One or More Eligible Children

Spouse: 50% of the insured’s principal sum
Each Child: 15% of the insured’s principal sum*

One or More Eligible Children (No Spouse)

Each Child: 20% of the insured’s principal sum*

Spouse Only

60% of the insured’s principal sum

What You Need To Know About Accident Protection

A serious injury can be costly. Hospital bills, rehabilitation and therapy can begin to pile up and on top of that you may not be able to work while you recover to bring in the income that your family needs. Accident Protection can help in many ways by helping with out-of-pocket expenses like child care, education, safety and medical equipment, bereavement and trauma counseling. Our Group Accident Protection Plan provides coverage for losses from:

  • Accidental Death
  • Accidental Dismemberment Acts of War — Declared or undeclared, domestically and abroad
  • Recreational Activities*
  • Air Travel*
  • Other acts of daily living*
  • Benefits for Coma, Loss of Use/Paralysis and Severe Burn
  • Additional benefit in the event of an automobile accident resulting in a loss when a seatbelt was used and airbag deployed

Paid benefits

If This Occurs... The Plan Pays...

Loss of:

  • Life
  • Both Hands & Feet
  • Sight in Both Eyes
  • One Hand & One Foot
  • One Hand & Sight in One Eye
  • One Foot & Sight in One Eye
  • Speech & Hearing in Both Ears

100% of the Principal Sum

Loss of:

  • One Hand
  • One Foot
  • Sight in One Eye
  • Speech or Hearing in Both Ears

50% of the Principal Sum

Loss of:

  • Thumb & Index Finger on the Same Hand
  • Hearing in One Ear

25% of the Principal Sum

Additionally, our Group Accident Protection Plan offers a 24/7 On Call Travel Assistance Program that provides a variety of medical and travel support.

Traveling can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of a lifetime. However, when an emergency strikes, being away from home can quickly turn into a scary situation.

With 24/7 On Call Travel Assistance, you and your loved ones can receive medical emergency transportation services, assistance with finding doctors and facilities and emergency legal, baggage, funds and interpretation services.

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Update Your Beneficiaries

Your Accident Protection policy could help your family with many of their financial obligations. But if you do not have up-to-date beneficiary information on file, it is hard to get your family the support that they need. Too often, money left behind from accident protection plans ends up sitting stagnant instead of reaching the intended beneficiaries.

Change My Beneficiary


For details about your policy and coverage, please refer to your Policy Certificate of Insurance or contact us.

* See Policy Certificate for complete list of Exceptions and Limitations.