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Legal and Identity Theft Protection

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We partner with LegalShield to provide our members with access to affordable legal services and identity theft protection.

About Legal Protection

Instead of shelling out hefty fees for a few days of legal help, LegalShield provides the legal help you and your family need for less than $16 per month. You’ll get 24/7 access to a licensed attorney from a top-quality law firm for covered situations, including:

  • Family law like name change, adoption, divorce or guardianship
  • Auto coverage for moving traffic violations, accidents or driver's license restoration
  • Financial concerns such as audits, debt collection or billing disputes
  • Housing matters including foreclosure, home purchases, evictions or zoning
  • Estate planning for standard wills, living wills, taxes or health care power-of-attorney
  • 24/7 emergency access for covered situations such as arrest or detainment
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Services include advice and consultation, letters and phone calls on your behalf, personal document review, trial defense, and document preparation.

You may continue to use the same Provider Law Firm for legal situations that extend beyond plan coverage. These additional services are 25% off the law firm’s standard hourly rates.

This LegalShield Protection Plan covers the member, member's spouse and any children under 18.

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About Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is on the rise — affecting millions of Americans each year. With more ways for criminals to obtain your personal information online — and more complex ways to cover their tracks — it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your assets. Our Identity Theft Protection, through LegalShield, monitors your financial accounts, credit report, credit score and personal information to make sure your information is not used in fraudulent situations and provides you with safety alerts. This plan also provides access to Licensed Investigators at Kroll; so should you fall victim to identity theft, the experts at Kroll are there to assist you with restoration.

For $12.95 per month, you will get the information and expertise you need to help prevent and resolve identity theft, including:

  • Credit Report and Personal Credit Score: Get access to your up-to-date credit report based on data from Experian, including a detailed analysis of your personal credit score.
  • Continuous Monitoring with Safety Alerts: Continuously monitor your Experian credit report and receive email alerts regarding any activity on your credit file.
  • Identity Consultation and Restoration Services: If you ever encounter or have questions about how to guard against identity theft, LegalShield has retained the experts at Kroll Advisory Solutions, the world’s leading consulting company in identity theft restoration, to provide the information you need to take whatever action necessary. Or if you prefer to sign a limited power of attorney, Kroll will step in and take over the restoration process for you. Restoration includes seven-year fraud alert notifications sent to all three national credit repositories and proactive searches of local and national databases for any activity in your name.

Our Identity Theft Protection Plan covers the member, member’s spouse and any children under 18.

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