Wellness Rewards Program

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Taking charge of your health is important. At the Compass Rose Health Plan, we want to recognize you for making healthy choices and working towards your health goals. We reward your hard work with incentive dollars as part of our Wellness Rewards Program. You and your covered spouse can each earn up to $350 per calendar year by completing qualifying activities and screenings.
Note: Compass Rose Medicare Advantage has a separate rewards program, which can be accessed by signing into your Medicare Advantage account.

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To earn reward points, you must first opt in through your myCompass account. Once you have signed in, click Wellness Rewards Program in the QUICK LINKS menu. This will take you to a page where you can opt-in to start earning reward points for the year. Click the button that says Start Earning Rewards to opt-in.

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Ways To Earn


Here are the ways you can earn rewards:


75 Reward Points

A CHRA is a series of questions to help you see how healthy you are right now and what areas you can improve. The questionnaire asks questions about your general health, medical history and lifestyle habits. To take the CHRA online:

  1. Sign into your myCompass account
  2. Click Go to UMR to go to your profile within UMR
  3. Select Take a CHRA


75 Reward Points 

Certain numbers can tell you a lot about your odds for developing health problems in the future. A basic biometric screening will help you determine where you stand. Biometric screenings give you important information on certain health risk factors, like:

  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Total cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • Waist circumference

The screening involves a set of simple tests: blood test, blood pressure and waist measurement. It can show if you have or are at risk for certain health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. By understanding your risk, you can work with your provider to make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk.

This screening is typically done during your annual preventive care exam. Make sure your physician orders your lab work through LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics for 100% coverage.

When you go to your appointment with your provider, bring the UMR Physician Lab Form for them to fill out and have them send it in following the instructions listed on the form. This form must be completed to receive your reward points.


Up to 100 Reward Points

During your biometric screening, your provider will take your blood pressure and perform an A1C test. Regular blood pressure screenings can help detect high blood pressure, which can lead to life-threatening conditions like heart attack or stroke. An A1C test can identify whether you are at risk for developing prediabetes, type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

You can earn 50 reward points for meeting each health target — that is 100 reward points if your blood pressure is less than 140/90 and your A1C is less than 8. To receive points for your blood pressure and A1C screenings, this information MUST be submitted on the UMR Physician Lab Form used for your biometric screening.

If you do not meet the health targets, you are eligible to earn points by completing our Compass Rose Living Well program or complete two action plans in the UMR Activity Center — one for each target.



100 Reward Points

An annual preventive care exam is important to staying healthy. Even if you feel healthy and do not present any symptoms, you should have an annual preventive care exam with your primary doctor. They will be able to administer necessary screenings and tests to identify whether you have any health concerns. The earlier you detect a health problem, the more likely that it is treatable. Compass Rose Health Plan members receive 100% coverage for an annual preventive care exam when performed by a network provider.


100 Reward Points Each

During your preventive care exam, you may receive preventive screenings for which you can earn reward points. You must be eligible to receive the screening and should make sure they are billed as preventive care rather than diagnostic.

  • A cervical cancer screening — also known as a pap smear — is recommended every 3 years, as long as there are no other factors that make testing at a different frequency necessary. Eligible women can receive 100 reward points.
  • Regular mammograms are the most useful tests for finding breast cancer in its early stages, when it is usually easier to treat. They are recommended for women age 40+ every one to two years. Eligible women can receive 100 reward points.
  • A colorectal cancer screening — or fecal occult blood test — is recommended for men and women age 45 to 75. Eligible adults can receive 100 reward points.

Talk to your provider to find out if any of these screenings are right for you.


50 Reward Points

The Health Cost Estimator, available through your myCompass Account, helps you estimate the cost for medical services and treatment based on your benefits with the Compass Rose Health Plan. To access this tool:

  1. Sign into your myCompass account
  2. Click Go to UMR to go to your profile within UMR
  3. Select Health Cost Estimator

Express Scripts' Price a Medication Tool is available through your myCompass and Express Scripts Accounts. It can help you estimate the cost for covered prescription drugs based on the formulary used by the Compass Rose Health Plan. To access this tool:

  1. Sign into your myCompass account
  2. Select My Coverage in the top menu
  3. Click View Details or Go to Express Scripts
  4. Click Price Your Medication to go to your profile within Express Scripts

Reward points for completing this activity can only be earned once per calendar year. Reward points can only be earned points for using one of these tools.


100 Reward Points

The Compass Rose Health Plan offers a FREE Tobacco Cessation Program, provided through UMR, to support its members wishing to quit smoking.


100 Reward Points

The Compass Rose Living Well program is here to help support our members who need extra help managing chronic health issues or who have a serious diagnosis, illness or injury. When it comes to your health there is not usually a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on your level of need, you will receive educational resources and tools tailored to you from one of our nurses. For members who need more in-depth, one-on-one support, we will connect you with an anchor nurse who can help you navigate your health care.


100 Reward Points

Whether you are thinking about having a baby or are already expecting, we are committed to helping provide the support you need for a healthy and happy pregnancy through our Maternity Management program.


50 Reward Points

UMR’s action plans boost your chances for success in making healthier choices from everything like healthy eating and weight management to diabetes and heart disease management and prevention. The Action Plans are available on a variety of topics and can help guide you in taking small steps to reach your health goals. To start an Action Plan:

  1. Sign into your myCompass account
  2. Click Go to UMR to go to your profile within UMR
  3. Select Health Center under myMenu
  4. From there, go to the Wellness Activity Center and choose an action plan to enroll in

You can complete as many Action Plans as you want, but reward points for completing this activity can only be earned once per calendar year. You cannot earn points for the Financial Wellness Action Plan.


50 Reward Points

Register for a myCompass account and verify your primary email address, mailing address and phone number. Members who registered for myCompass in 2022 will automatically earn 50 points for 2023. Members who register in 2023 will also earn these points. Beginning in 2024, members who already have a myCompass account will receive 50 reward points for verifying their contact information.

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Track & Redeem Your Rewards


Members can track the points they earn throughout the year using UMR’s Wellness Activity Center, accessible through your myCompass account.

  1. Sign into your myCompass account
  2. Click Go to UMR to go to your profile within UMR
  3. Select Health Center under myMenu
  4. Choose Wellness Activity Center and get started

1 point equates to 1 dollar.

For members who use the Compass Rose Health Plan as their primary insurance, the rewards you rack up will be applied to your deductible the following calendar year.

Members who have Medicare B as their primary insurance will receive their reward in a retirement reimbursement account that can be used to reimburse qualified medical expenses such as medical and prescription drug copayments and Medicare premiums. Members who have Medicare B must submit a Retirement Reimbursement Account (RRA) Claim Form to be reimbursed.

You can start earning rewards beginning January 1 and the cut off for members to earn rewards to be used during the following plan year is November 30. There is no cost to participate. 

* Earned rewards can be redeemed the following calendar year, so long as you remain enrolled in the Compass Rose Health Plan. If you elect to enroll in Compass Rose Medicare Advantage, earned rewards will not carry over and you will be eligible for a different rewards program. Unused rewards will not carry over.