Service, Stability, and Security since 1948


Compass Rose Benefits Group has offered a broad range of insurance products to an exclusive membership since 1948. Over recent years, insurance has become more and more complex. Compass Rose Benefits Group’s mission is to engage and educate our members to help simplify insurance.

Our Service

To us, being a superhero is not about wearing a cape—it is about going above and beyond. Our members work tirelessly for our country, and we believe every great superhero needs a sidekick to partner with.

Compass Rose Benefits Group is dedicated to answering questions and resolving problems. We welcome the opportunity to support our members—our goal is to make their lives easier.

Our Stability

When protecting your peace-of-mind, stability is important. With Compass Rose Benefits Group, you will find stability in your rates, the excellence of your care and the quality of your service. As you plan for your future, having a skilled, experienced and committed partner to educate and inform your decisions brings steadiness in a world full of uncertainty.

Our Security

We take privacy and security seriously. In today’s hyper-connected world, Compass Rose Benefits Group’s security is steeped in over 65 years of service to the most demanding and security driven community in the world. We maintain secure computer system features, as well as follow policies and procedures that help protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

Our Experience

Compass Rose Benefits Group has been offering a broad range of insurance products to an exclusive membership since 1948.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is simple. We will provide you with high quality, affordable products, along with honest and transparent support that will give you and your family real peace-of-mind.

Our Charity

To assist and improve the quality of life for the fallen or injured members of the audience we serve is simply the right thing to do. Since the inception of our nonprofit affiliate, Compass Rose Charities, we have supported those who so selflessly serve us all.