Benefits of Technology

seniors circled around tablet

Technology has quickly become a normal part of most homes. Although it can be considered intrusive, there is no denying that it can play a useful role to help you safely age in place.

Seniors are not the only ones who benefit. Technology can help caregivers bridge gaps and connect in ways that might be otherwise difficult to make happen. The type and function of the technology can vary based on your need, comfort level and budget.

Consider reviewing these tips and assessing changes you might want to make now or as you age. Your family or our Aging Well Resource Coordinator can help you evaluate which technology is right for your situation.

How Can Technology Improve the Quality of Your Life?

It may be helpful to think about technology as something that could help meet a need, make life safer or even easier. You can assess where technology might best serve you, here are some examples:

  • Do you have trouble seeing? There are apps for your smartphone that work as a light and a magnifier.
  • Do you feel isolated or alone? You can use a smartphone or tablet to video conference friends and family (or parent), so you feel more connected.
  • Do you feel afraid you may fall and have an injury? There are home monitoring systems that can alert family of your possible injury and even call EMS to send help.
Forbes magazine put together a list of apps designed for seniors. AARP also provides a nice summary of available technology that can help you or a parent age in place.

Home Medical Monitoring

The most important use of technology is to ensure your safety. The following are links for medical alert and monitoring companies that help you get emergency help immediately:

Life Alert – (1-800-360-0329)

Medical Alert – (1-800-800-2537)

Lifeline – (855-681-5351)

Get Started

The resources on our site are a good starting point to help develop your aging well plan. Everyone’s needs are unique — that is why we have people you can talk with regarding your individual goals.