Scams and Fraud

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The FBI’s Common Fraud Schemes and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) provides tips on how you can protect yourself and your family from fraud.

No one is safe from being a target of a con artist, and older adults need to be especially on guard because they are:

  • More trusting and taught to be polite, which con artists exploit that knowing seniors are unlikely to just hang up or say NO.
  • Less likely to report a fraud or tell family members because they are embarrassed.
  • Susceptible to products promising youth and vitality. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, be very careful.
  • Most likely to have a “nest egg” and to have excellent credit — which is attractive to con artists.

These bad guys are changing the tactics all the time. Make it a habit to visit the FCC's website to ensure you know what to watch out for.

In addition, most county police or sheriffs’ departments have fraud and scam units. You can also check with them if you have been a victim of a crime.

For added peace of mind, you may want to consider Identity Theft Protection. Compass Rose Benefits Group offers access to Identity Theft Protection through LegalShield. Not only will you receive continuous monitoring with safety alerts, but you also have access to restoration services should you ever fall victim to identity theft.

If you have questions you can contact our Aging Well Resource Coordinator.

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