UnitedHealthcare Network Changes in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and the Dakotas on 9/1/18

As part of network expansion in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and the Dakotas, the UnitedHealthcare network is changing on September 1, 2018. The network is changing from the leased network, LaborCare, to the UnitedHealthcare network. The new proprietary network will help achieve better care, better health and lower costs for our members.

While UnitedHealthcare strives to minimize any network changes, their relationship with some healthcare providers may be impacted. However, we expect almost all providers in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota to be in the UnitedHealthcare network. After September 1, we recommend checking our Provider Directory to be sure that your healthcare provider still participates in our network.

If your provider is no longer in our network and you have a chronic and disabling condition, you may be able to continue seeing them at in-network benefits for up to 90 days after you receive notice of this change. If you are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy and you lose access to your provider, you can continue to see them with in-network benefits until the end of your postpartum care, even if it is beyond 90 days. For more information about transitional care, please contact us.

Through our relationship with UnitedHealthcare, we are committed to providing you and your family with access to a broad network of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals. If you have any questions about how this may affect you, please contact UMR at (888) 438-9135.