General Information

Your Health. Our Plan.

As a Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) fee-for-service plan, Compass Rose Benefits Group is committed to offering you and your family affordable health care coverage. We strive to provide you with excellent benefits and low out-of-pocket expenses. 

Be a part of the Compass Rose Health Plan, where you will have access to a nationwide PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) powered by UnitedHealthcare.  You will have the freedom to choose the doctor or hospital you want—no referral required!

2018 Health Plan Premiums

Type of Enrollment  Enrollment Codes Member Biweekly Rate Member Monthly Rate
Self Only 421 $92.11 $199.57
Self Plus One 423 $216.00 $468.00
Self and Family 422 $249.69 $541.00

How to Enroll


During the annual Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Open Season, all Federal employees and retirees currently enrolled in any FEHB plan have the opportunity to make changes in their coverage.

You must complete a 2809 Form, which you can obtain through your organization’s Human Resources or Payroll Office.


Outside of Open Season, if you experience a qualifying life event you may be eligible to enroll or change your FEHB coverage.

Plan Highlights

2018 Health Plan Benefits:
Stateside and Overseas
Your Cost
Doctor Office Visits:
Primary Physician 
$15 Copayment
Doctor Office Visits: Specialist $25 Copayment
Prescription Drugs (Generic) $5 Copayment 
$3 Copayment (medicare B)
Lab Program through LabCorp 100% Coverage
Routine Preventive Care (Adult and Children)  100% Coverage
Basic Chiropractic Care $20 Copayment (maximum 20 visits)
In-Network Coverage Covered at 90%
Out-of-Network Coverage Covered at 70%
Annual Deductible In-Network:
Self = $350
Self Plus One = $700
Self and Family = $700

Self = $400
Self Plus One = $800
Self and Family = $800
Catastrophic Coverage $4,000 out-of-pocket (max in-network)
$7,000 out-of-pocket (max out-of-network)
Urgent Care $50 Copayment
Emergency Care $100 Copayment
Inpatient Hospital Benefit In-Network / Overseas:
$200 Copayment (per hospital stay)
No Deductible

See page 61 of FEHB Plan Brochure

URAC Accredited

In October 2015, Compass Rose Benefits Group received Core Accreditation from URAC.

What is URAC?

URAC, an independent, nonprofit organization, is a well-known leader in promoting healthcare quality through its accreditation, education, and measurement programs. URAC offers a wide range of quality benchmarking programs and services that model the rapid changes in the healthcare system and provide a symbol of excellence for organizations to validate their commitment to quality and accountability. Through its broad-based governance structure and an inclusive standards development process, URAC ensures that all stakeholders are represented in establishing meaningful quality measures for the entire healthcare industry. For more information, visit